O happy day!!

This whole month I have been following my diet plan and adding in excercise. I have excitedly watched the numbers go down on the scale but kept wondering when I would be able to see the difference in the mirror or feel the difference in my clothes. TODAY WAS THAT DAY!!!

I had tickets to go see the Las Vegas 51’s (our minor league professional baseball team) tonight. Cody and I went with a couple of friends and the weather was perfect.

Before the game I took a shower, then started looking thru my closet for jeans and a t-shirt. On a whim I dug to the back where my “skinny” jeans our hidden and grabbed a pair that I wore 1 time last summer. I only wore them once because they were tight, uncomfortable, and I was disgusted by how I looked in them. After pausing for 30 seconds to go over the outcomes of putting them on in my head, I decided to go for it! I put the jeans on and not only did they slide right on and button with no sucking in or karate type kicks and squats, THEY WERE COMFORTABLE AS WELL!!!!

The second win of the day happened once we got to the game and started taking the normal selfies and group photos. I used the regular camera on my phone (no filters or crazy angles) and there was NO double chin or chubby cheeks! I could actually see the skinny in my face!

Tonight I am here to say hard work does pay off and I can do anything I set my mind too! I feel very good about myself and I am loving myself more and more every single day!

If anyone reading this has any defining moments in their journey to share, I would love to read them! I am cheering for you and excited for every milestone or win that you have!

Just want to say how amazing this man is……

I just want to take a minute to let everyone know how amazing this man is. God put him into my life at the exact right moment. From the day I met Cody, he has shown me how selfless and pure love can be. He not only loves me with his whole being he has taken on the responsibility of my two daughters and treats them as if they were his own. Thank you Cody for doing everything in your power to give me and our girls a good life. Thank you for loving us unconditionally. Thank you Cody for taking so much responsibility and making my days as easy as possible. Thank you for being a loving, dependable, thoughtful, amazing man. Thank you for giving 80% on days I only have 20% to give. Thank you for everything you do big and small on a day to day basis to support me and be my rock! I am so excited to spend the rest of my life being a part of this amazing team! ❤️❤️❤️

Day 16 – I hit my first milestone today!

So I have been really following thru with my Nutrisysten plan! I have followed the diet plan exactly and I have been getting in my 30-45 minutes of walking every single day.  Today is day 16 and I have hit my first milestone! I have officially lost 10 lbs! I was so excited when I logged in my weight this morning and my Numi app popped up a box that said “Congratulations! You have reached your first milestone!”.  I will be receiving a cute little Nutrisystem Bear with the number 10 on it! It may seem silly but this is exciting stuff for me.  The other thing that makes it so exciting is it means I am have lost 1/4 of the weight I need to lose to reach my goal.  This is amazing to me.  I haven’t ever been able to follow thru like have this time.  I feel like I am learning so much about healthy eating and I can feel the difference in my body.  Not just the weight I am losing, but my skin looks better, my body is less sluggish, and I am sleeping better at night.  I do not even feel like I am missing out on anything like with diets I have tried in the past.  I can feel all the water I am drinking cleansing my body from the inside out and I do not miss all the sugar and fat I was stuffing into my body in the past.  12 more days and it will be a complete month I will be taking an updated photo to compare to my first one.  I am patting myself on the back to and rejoicing in my willpower.   I am also so grateful that I have an amazing man that supports me and 2 beautiful daughters that are cheering me on along the way!


Saying goodbye to sluggishness…..

Tomorrow will be 2 weeks since starting Nutrisystem. This second week I added in the the 30 minutes a day of excercise. I don’t know if it’s the excercise, all the water, or the kinds of food I am eating but I feel great! I have lost that sluggish feeling and I am not tired all the time. Before I would count down to the weekend so I could sleep in til noon, 1 pm, or even 3 pm sometimes. I never felt rested no matter how many hours I slept. This weekend I woke up at 8 am on both days on my own and in a good mood!

Next week I am kicking it up a notch. I am setting my alarm 30 minutes early and I am adding 10-15 minutes of walking on the treadmill to my morning routine. This will be added to my 15 minute walk on my lunch break and 15-20 minute evening walk.

I am so exstatic that I decided to try this Nutrisystem! I believe I am changing my life. I have my next weigh in tomorrow morning and I will be happy if I meet my 1-2 lb loss for this week. I had an awesome experience this week already. On Thursday morning I put on my pants strait out of the dryer and they were loose! I didn’t have to do any dance or crazy arobics to loosen them up enough to button them! That’s a huge win in my book. 😁

Here is a picture of me at the end of my treadmill workout today….

Rockin the next leg of my goal!

So last week I did Nutisystem diet only with no added excercise. This was due to my calories being limited to only 1025 a day and to let my body adjust. So when my first weigh in showed me a 7.7 lb weight loss I got super stoked. My goal for this week was to continue Nutrisystem (calorie intake upped to 1200 a day) and add at least 30 minutes of walking a day. I do have an office job and spend 8 hours a day tied to a desk. So my plan was to spend 15 minutes of my lunch hour walking and then another 15-20 minutes walking in the evening at home.

I am happy to report today is day 3 of my goal and I’ve reached or exceded my goal every day! Go me! I also managed to get my 12 year old daughter to be my walking partner in the evenings! This is a double win.

Today I learned my BMR is right at 1900 calories a day. So if I stick to 1200 calorie diet and continue with 30 minutes of brisk walking I am a little over my goal of making a 500 calorie a day deficit so my body will burn stored fat. This will burn 1-2 lbs of fat a week. Woohoo! I’m starting to figure this thing out. Once I lose more wait and my body adjusts to the amount of activity I am getting I will refigure my BMR and adjust my calories and excercise accordingly.

In closing I will add another interesting tidbit. Tonight I made Cody and Cassidy chicken alfredo and cheesy garlic bread. I too had a chicken alfredo meal out of my Nutrisystem meals to match what they were eating. I did add broccoli to my packaged meal to get a serving of veggies. The other difference in my meal is instead of cheesy garlic bread (which is what I would have had in the past) I had a side salad made of organic baby spinich, pepper, dried onion, and lemon juice.

1 slice Cheesy bread – 170 calories & 10 grams of fat

Baby spinach size salad – 47 calories & 0 grams of fat

These are the kind of changes I am learning to make every day. It’s awesome and I feel the difference in my body already, and it’s only been 10 days! I don’t feel so sluggish on a daily basis, I am sleeping better, and my skin is even looking so much better!

I am including a picture of me in the middle of my walk today at work

Day 1 of Week 2 😊

Yesterday was a holiday and I went to 2 different family meals…….


I didn’t eat only nutrisystem but I did load up on veggies, canteloupe, and lots of water. I skipped all potato dishes and took 2 bites of ham, which is very fatty, and saved my protein calories for the roasted turkey breast. All in all I took in only 900 calories yesterday and I didn’t feel hangry or cheated at all. I really feel the fruit took care of any sweettooth I may have had because I had no trouble cruising past the cake and pie.

Yesterday was a big deal because it was also part of my turbo takeoff. Since this morning was to be my first weigh in since starting my diet I didn’t want to blow it on my final day. Awesome news when I hopped on the scale this morning!

Total pounds lost in 7 days: 7.7


Today started the 2nd week and instead of 1000 calories a day I am now aloud 1200. I am also given more freedom to choose a few of my meals each week and 2 snacks a day. This is where the life changing learning and heathly habits start to take place.

I am also excited to say now that my body is getting adjusted to the extreme cut in calories and fat, I have set a goal for exercising each day. This first week I will walk 15 minutes on my lunch break at work and 15 minutes in the evening when I get home.

Today was day one of walking 30 minutes a day and I not only crushed it but I also got Cody and Cassidy involved. They both walked with me for the 15 minutes in the evening. This is very exciting to get my family involved.

I also want to give a special shoutout to Cody, Cassidy, and the rest of my family for being so supportive and encouraging of me. I am so blessed and grateful!!